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  GOD CAN Gospel Singers

The Rose Garden

When you become a Christian, a lot of people think that God will make your life a rose garden. However, most Christians who have been fighting the good fight for a while will tell you that their walk with God is far from it, but I happen to think that living in the Lord's will is nothing short of a rose garden. You may ask me what kind of perfect world I am living in, and my answer would be that it's the very same world as you are in right now.

My reason for saying this is that a rose garden, when first planted, is beautiful and perfect. The soil has been tilled and is rich, all the weeds and rocks that would hinder growth have been removed, and the stems and leaves of the roses are trimmed artistically to frame the full blooms, colored a crimson red. This is the newborn Christian when they give their heart to Jesus. Their hard, dry heart has been broken up and the sins that have been choking them and the bitterness of their unbelief have been removed, so that God could enrich their soul, making it ready for the gift, the sweet Rose of Sharon, to make this place its home. This babe in Christ is fresh and new, full of life and bursting with God's love. However, after a little time has passed, the color of the bloom begins to fade and weeds of distraction sprout up, keeping the young Christian from fully absorbing God's life-giving rain.

As a child of God, we have to continually maintain our rose garden. We have to tend to it daily to keep this precious gift healthy and the weeds that would hinder the growth of our soul and our relationship with God. As our rose strengthens and we learn more about God's will, sometimes thorns of bitterness emerge toward hypocrites and those who reject the Lord. But God loves all, and we have to prune away our prejudices and negativity so that we can be more like Him and love as He does.

After we grow stronger and we get rid of the weeds and thorns that would hinder us, then comes winter. The ground becomes cold and hard, and it seems like the once beautiful rose we tended to so carefully almost dies. It is through this winter time that the strength of our roots in the word of God is tested. Just like when we see the sun during winter, but can't feel it's warmth, we go to church during our trial and see others being blessed, but don't feel God's Spirit move like we once did.

We have to go on faith and trust that God will lead us through, and that morning will come again. The root that you have anchored in Jesus will sustain you through the night, and when spring comes, you will find that the single rose that you started from will bloom fuller and more beautiful than it was before. As the years pass, you will find that with daily care and the grace of God, your single rose can become a beautiful rose garden.

What will you do with your rose?